‘Oku ‘alu ke toe kovi ange ‘a e founga ngaue ‘a e Fale alea ‘o Tonga tautefito ko ia ki hono fili ‘o e kau memipa ki he ngaahi komiti ‘a e fale.  ‘Oku mahino pe foki ‘a e founga ngaue ia ‘a e Fale alea ‘o Tonga he ‘okuContinue Reading

Members of the Tonga Youth Parliament 2020 members was announced on Wednesday 6 February 2020 at the Tonga National Centre. Youth Parliament is an opportunity for young Tongans to learn first-hand about Tonga’s political, social, health, educational, economic and other important issues to influence decision making on running the country.Continue Reading

A public notice has been issued inviting all those who are interested to attend the public and community consultations for the Fanga’uta Bridge Project are advised to take note of the following schedule so that they can give their views to the consultation team that will be visiting the villages.Continue Reading